There are plenty of professional accounting skills that can add value to your profile. Here are some best accounting skills :

Expertise in advanced accounting technologies

The introduction of Cloud Computing and automation has boosted efficiency in accounting; accounting professionals are now required to be experts in using these and more advanced technologies for work activities.

You will be required to be expert users of:

  • Advanced Excel

  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) (e.g., SAP, Oracle)

  • Big data analysis, advanced modelling techniques and SQL

  • Business intelligence software (e.g., IBM Cognos)

  • Microsoft Visual Basic

  • Hyperion intended for analyst and financial reporting roles

  • QuickBooks for accountants employed in small and midsize firms

You will need to get advanced skills in these latest technologies and qualify for futuristic accounting roles. This is most important and a stark reality of accounting professionals abroad where organizations are planning dynamic reforms in all sections and accounting, finance are no different; instead, they are subject to radical technology changes and implementation of advancements. 

There are plenty of accounting job opportunities in India and also at global locations. But, these are for the best skilled accounting professionals. You may be engaged in your career but you should essentially plan upskilling. This will help you ascend in your career and also settle your employers happy. 

Candidates planning accounting careers need to gain both expertise and experience in latest accounting software. This will keep you in par with other candidates and also give you an edge over the lesser informed career seekers applying for the same vacancies as yourself. Your current technical knowledge or acquired skills may not be enough to progress in your career. Employers are only impressed with the candidates who are updated in innovative accounting technologies. 

Even in your current accounting role, if you are not updated with the latest accounting software, your job is at risk. Anytime an updated candidate can replace you and you are in a threat at the workplace. 

Sharpen Your Skills Continually

Be informed on the latest accounting training from trusted institutes. This will help you sharpen skills which are most essential to ascend in your accounting career. 

You can complement your basic accounting qualification with specialization in finance or short-term courses or certifications. This will give your employers new reasons to promote you to a higher role. 

Save Your Jobs – Cope With Challenges and demands At Workplace With Upskilling

Surviving in corporates with your accounting role is not too easy. You will require sharpening basic accounting skills to manage the workloads efficiently, or to comply with the complex or new challenges posed at the workplace. Thus, improving the skills for accountants is important. Either your organization will suggest a specialization or you may have to take the cue and upgrade your present qualification with a recognized specialization. Both ways, a good career outcome is guaranteed with specialization and skills development. 

Such a situation can be cited in India. The introduction of GST was a new concern among tax and accounting professionals. Many organizations were confirmed that their employees upskill with GST training. New candidates who were equipped with GST knowledge were given placements and professionals equipped with GST knowledge were able to resume either position. The same was the case with Tally software versions such as Tally ERP 9 and Tally Prime, both widely used, top accounting software. Employers were confirmed on the prospects of Tally to boost their organizations performances and efficiency in the accounting areas. They introduced incentives and appraisals for candidates skilled in this advanced accounting software. 

 The story of Gulf VAT in the professional circle is not less different. In GCC countries, Gulf VAT was introduced and professionals working in these countries required to be updated on Gulf VAT and acquire knowledge on it to employ in their professional field. Those who were equipped with the latest updates on Gulf VAT and were informed to professionally apply them were the real survivors in the workplace. 

Thus, it is easy to digest that we live in an era that demands the survival of the fittest. In this context, the survivors are the ones who have acquired the best skills for accountants. They have rightly earned their place in the workplace for their dynamic instincts to meet the new challenges at work place. These are the best professionals who stand by the organizations when they enforce new strategies to boost efficiency, plan productivity and scale performance. 

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