What is CA?  Scope Of CA Course in India

Chartered Accountancy is among the top accounting degrees qualifying candidates for assuming the responsibilities in audit and assurance, financial accounting and reporting, management accounting, applied finance or taxation. A lucrative career field, scope of CA course is high especially as there are plenty of opportunities for the candidates at national level and also global level. 

 CA Course in India

 In India, CA is a prestigious career role. Highly-paid too. If you have interests in becoming Chartered Accountants, then you can qualify for a bright career in this role. You will have to start your preparation for the CA role with the  3 main courses.The prime stages of CA course are

  • CA Foundation course

  • CA Intermediate course 

  • CA articleship 

  • CA Final course.

  • CA Foundation course

  • CA Intermediate course 

  • CA Final course

 Eligibility: Candidate should have completed 12th standard

 Understanding careers in Chartered Accountancy, many candidates are planning careers in this field. Here is how you can become a CA.

At the completion of 12th standard, enrol for CA Foundation course at a recognized institute. On clearing the CA foundation course and its exam, you will be promoted to CA Intermediate course. The Intermediate course has two groups consisting of 4 subjects and exams are to be cleared to progress  to the next level. Before being presented the CA Articleship, it is mandatory that you clear both groups. 

After clearing the CA Articleship, you can step ahead to the CA finals examination. 

Chartered Accountant Salary –  Are CAs well-paid?

 The roles of CA’s are challenging and interesting, but will I get a good remuneration if I pursue the career role? Yes, of course… The average salary of a Chartered Accountant is INR 6 to 7 Lakhs per annum. Chartered Accountants’ salaries are high abroad too. 

CA Scope in India – Top Career Roles for Chartered Accountants

 CA scope in India is high within the country and abroad as well. With the  immense scope of CA courses, candidates can find a host of well-paid job opportunities. There are plenty of roles that Chartered Accountants can function in. Here are a few: 

  • Internal Auditing.

  • Tax Auditing.

  • Forensic Auditing

  • Career in Accounting and Finance.

  • Taxation Advisory (Both Direct and Indirect)

  • Statutory Audit under applicable statutes.

  • Managing Treasury function

 There is rising demand for CAs as the economy is growing fast. It is becoming among the fields with the highest remuneration and thus the scope of CA course is shot high. Chartered Accountants are most required in fund management, investment consultancy and finance. CA candidates can function independently or seek high-profile financial roles in corporates or significant roles in financial organizations. 

Even in the pandemic situation, the demand for CAs has rapidly shot up by 37%.  As companies are multiplying, the requirement of qualified CAs to manage their finance and working capital are also scaling high. All firms and organizations registered under Company Act, designate CAs for financial advisory, tax consultation, accounting services, financial reporting, auditing and assurance, accountants and finance outsourcing. In India, the implementation of GST, which has been the crucial tax  regime, has increased the scope of CA in the country recently.

 International Taxation

 Transactions are being processed across national frontiers to locations worldwide. This requires skilled CAs with experience in international taxation to provide sound advice to businesses or entities managing international transactions. Computation of foreign taxes, operation of liaison offices are all among the important tasks of CAs.

Wealth Management

 Qualified CAs have an important role in wealth management and offer best financial and investment advisory services. 

Are you informed on the great scope of the CA course? You can plan the course and derive benefits of the great CA scope in India, settle in high remuneration careers.

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