There are endless career opportunities in accounting both in India and abroad. You simply need to qualify for the top roles offered and pursue global careers in accounting. Then, you can seek placement in high remuneration accounting roles. 

Candidates in India are turning clever. They have travelled miles ahead of the naive students who laboriously study complex courses that are no way career-focussed. Instead, the new candidates are wise. They plan career-oriented training and also pursue courses that settle them in high remuneration job roles. A career in accounting is among the ideal choices in these lines. You can pursue high remuneration career roles in accounting acquired training from top institutes offering recognized qualification. 

Career opportunities in Accounting are multiplying radically  across the globe and as a great employment hub for accounting, India is not left far behind in the picture. 

Here are some top career roles in the accounting field. These are: 

  • Auditor

  • Information and Technology Accountant

  • Senior Financial Analyst

  • Forensic Accountant

  • Managerial Accountant

  • Controller

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

  • Finance Managers.

  • Financial Advisors.

  • Financial Directors.

  • Certified Public Accountant.
  • Chief Financial Officer.
  • Chartered Management Accountant
  • Company Secretary.
  • Financial Controllers.

Planning great heights in the Accounting domain can bring you much esteem. Some of the most prestigious and highest remuneration career roles are found in the accounting domain. You can upskill at best training institutes and get certified for high profile accounting careers. Candidates trained in India can either seek top-notch accounting roles in India or abroad, plan further specialization. Specialized training will qualify them for better roles that are well-paid.

Organizations in India or abroad require skilled, specialized and well-experienced accounting professionals to meet their financial requirements. Efficient accounting professionals can manage the funds of any organization and benefit them immensely. Candidates who are familiar with the latest accounting software and other newly introduced technologies and build their career in accounting acquired proficient training.

Employers: “We want experienced accounting professionals”

You heard it right! Employers have this statement to quote. They require well-experienced accounting professionals to manage financial roles in their organizations efficiently. While there is great demand for accounting professionals, employers are pleased with experienced candidates. If you are a fresher, who has just completed accounting training, plan your first experience through internship. Otherwise, as a candidate who has less experience, amasses more experience, relevant experience is of much use for candidates while they seek placement at top organizations. 

If you are not upskilled in any accounting softwares, then plan Tally Prime or Tally ERP 9 certification courses and become skilled for professional roles in accounting. 

What are some perfect advices to candidates while seeking careers in accounting?

  • Do not limit your knowledge in the latest accounting softwares and technologies.

Whether you are planning a career in accounting within India or abroad, you should advance your knowledge in the latest accounting software and new technologies that will help manage accounting tasks easily, without any errors. 

Master Tally Prime and Tally ERP9

In India, Tally Prime and Tally ERP 9 are the popular accounting software used widely by organizations. User-friendly and most ideal, this software can help manage accounting tasks efficiently. This simple and easy to learn software is mastered by all clever candidates seeking professional adeptness in the accounting domain. These software versions can be installed easily and are of good assistance to accountants. You can include Tally training to boost your profile for a career in accounting. With Tally upskilling, you will be eligible for a multitude of career opportunities in accounting. 

Seeking career opportunities in accounting, you will need good knowledge in other accounting software used abroad and get understanding of the technologies used in accounting abroad such as

  • Cloud computing

  • Blockchain technology

  • Automated accounting technology

  • Optical character recognition

  • Artificial intelligence in accountingMachine learning in accounting

  • Machine learning in accounting

Planning a futuristic career in accounting, you will need to be equipped with the best skills in all these varied technologies.

So, keep these tips to mind while planning a career in accounting. You will assuredly land in success.

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