Best SAP FICO Course in Kochi

Best SAP FICO Course in Kochi

If you dream of obtaining an accounting job quickly, doing an SAP FICO course is a good choice. Join the SAP FICO course – Accounting courses , Kochi’s leading accounts education provider and become a successful SAP professional. We have the best faculties and tech-enabled classrooms, which will help you achieve your career goals within a short period.

SAP is an integral part of company management. Doing an SAP FICO course is your key to unlimited job opportunities both inside the country and abroad. Your knowledge of SAP FICO software adds more value to your software and helps you choose your area of interest.

SAP is a user-friendly software that runs on almost all platforms. It handles cost accounting, production planning, financial assets, archived documents, etc.; it provides a common platform for customers to interact. SAP software underwent many changes to become the current version. Our SAP FICO course follows the updated curriculum and will make you an expert in using this software. Here we give equal importance to both theory and practical knowledge. 

What is the SAP FICO course?

SAP software has become an irreplaceable part of every business organisation. Companies are looking for skilled SAP FICO professionals to manage the software. Due to the shortage, there is a huge demand for SAP professionals worldwide. An SAP FICO course will help you achieve the desired skills in SAP FICO software and help you land your dream job. You can opt for the SAP FICO course full-time, or you can complete it during your studies as well. The SAP module is all about business management. You will get a clear idea about the software, from the basics to the advanced level, through an SAP FICO course. It is everyone’s personal choice.

The SAP FICO course will enable you to manage the SAP business designs and organisational structure set-up, provide solutions, design input screens, manage databases and build information warehouses. The topics covered under SAP FICO courses are inventory and delivery processes, billing, business processes and scenarios, commodity management, data warehouses and database management.

What is SAP?

SAP(Systems Applications and Products) looks after the different aspects of business like finance, operations, human resources and facilities. The actual data is analysed and integrated from business intelligence and customer relationship management. Enterprise resource planning or ERP is an essential part of SAP software.

SAP FICO course modules

The SAP FICO course module has two parts: the functional and technical modules.

Functional module

The functional features of SAP software improve the overall performance of business operations. The functional modules include topics of standard functionality that boost business activities. It broadly covers business intelligence, finance management, sales, distribution and supply chain management, business objects, customer relationship management, etc.

The functional module curriculum includes SAP financial accounting(FI), SAP controlling(CO), SAP materials management(MM), SAP financial supply chain management(FSCM), SAP logistics execution(LE), SAP sales and distribution(SD), SAP production planning(PP), SAP quality management(QM), SAP plant maintenance(PM), SAP human resources management(HRM) and SAP project system(PS).

Technical modules

Technical modules help you to resolve performance issues, schedule tasks, develop applications, manage and execute migrations, download and install updates and many more. Technical modules cover programming and module customisation, essentially. The topics covered under technical modules are SAP NetWeaver, SAP basis, SAP security, information business management(SAP IS), advanced business application programming(ABAP)and high-performance analytic appliance(SAP HANA). It also includes customer relationship management(SAP CRM), exchange infrastructure(SAP XI) and SAP solution manager(SAP SM).

Who can join the SAP FICO Course?

Students with bachelor’s or master’s degrees are eligible to join the SAP FICO course. Knowledge about the course and basic computer knowledge will help you master the SAP FICO course much more quickly. 

The SAP FICO course is available in hybrid mode, i.e. both online and offline. The duration of the course is usually thirty to sixty days. It all depends on the specialisation field you choose.

Advantages of SAP FICO course

There is a massive demand for SAP FICO professionals all over the world. Their skills and knowledge have high value in the job market. Let us discuss all advantages you will be having after doing an SAP FICO course.

Increased job opportunities 

SAP ERP software is widely used in almost all business organisations. Studies have shown that SAP-certified professionals earn far better than their counterparts. SAP FICO professionals have the upper hand over non-certified peers in these companies; private and public sectors seek SAP professionals irrespective of their size. SAP professionals have the chance to work in industries like logistics, production, distribution, CRM solutions, manufacturing, consultancies and ERP systems. But remember that your paycheck largely depends upon your skills, experience and company type.

Gain recognition and reputation in the society

With your high-profile job and massive pay scale, you will be able to gain the respect of the people around you. Reputation will boost your morale and help you perform more efficiently. Your value will increase in front of your employers and colleagues. They will consult you for various management-related decisions as they consider you highly knowledgeable.

High promotion chances

The SAP FICO certification will increase your chance of promotion ten folds compared to your non-certified colleagues. After doing an SAP FICO course, it will be much easier to conquer higher positions in the company.

Career opportunities after the SAP FICO course

After the SAP FICO course, you will get to work as an SAP FICO Consultant, SAP SD Consultant, SAP ABAP Consultant, SAP Project Manager, SAP Basis Administrator, Solution Development Consultant, SAP HANA Architect, Business Process Analyst, Sales Manager, Senior Software Engineer, SAP Procurement Specialist, Pre-Sales Consultant, Implementation Consultant, SAP Trainer, System Engineer, and SAP Basis Consultant.  Different domains like Human Resources, Business Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management and Sales and Distribution await SAP professionals.

Join with us for SAP FICO course, if you want to be part of the most in-demand profession. Our SAP FICO is crafted by industry experts keeping in mind all the latest updates happening in the industry. For further details, check out the official website of Accounting Course.

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